“Mom’s Rocket” – a bike built by people thinking outside of the Box(er)


There are many people who quite openly and publicly state there is nothing new in motorcycling. While it is true motorcycles have always required two-wheels, a chassis of sorts and an engine – and will continue to do so – there is definitely always something new being built around these vital components to make the whole ensemble… new!

These attributes could take the form of a new silhouette or the latest electronic suspension, braking or fuelling systems. Whatever motorcycle manufacturers design and fit to a new model to make our riding experience better, it makes the bike new.

At the same time there is also the matter of making something “new” by way of a one-off creation produced from old and new components, in other words custom building a bike. This is not a new process. Custom built bikes have been around since motorcycles were first made. But it’s only occasionally one such custom built creation will contain enough engineering and design flair to make anybody with an appreciative eye stop dead in their tracks and say: “Wow, that’s new!

Creativity is a natural thing, whereas ability can be either natural or learned with experience. If you have both, you were either truly gifted as a child or are very, very experienced. In the case of Chris and Rebecca Canterbury – one of the coolest couples in motorcycling – it’s pretty much a given they are both blessed and experienced when it comes to motorcycling and everything around it.

Chris and Rebecca together make up the dream team behind BMW motorcycle and sidecar specialists Boxer Metal based in Chico, California. Their experience in rebuilding BMW Boxer-powered bikes and awesome custom Boxer BMWs started way back and on paper would read like a combo of novel and who’s who!

Chris started out in 1984 restoring BMW cars and assisting in hot-rod builds destined for the rich and famous. BMW bikes then came into his life, which, in 1987, led him to work for a BMW motorcycle dealership. From this point on, meeting and working with many people shaped Chris’ future. In 1991, Chris founded Eurotech Motorsports, a major supplier of new and used BMW parts, accessories and anything else related to BMW bikes. In between running Eurotech and his hobby for restoring classic BMW bikes and sidecars, Chris met wife-to-be Rebecca. Today the couple share the same passion for rebuilding classic BMWs, selling spares and accessories, and producing ‘wow’ custom bikes under the brand Boxer Metal.

A perfect example of the couple’s all-round ingenuity aka ability and creativity, is their brilliant custom build “Mom’s Rocket”. You only have to look at it from a distance to note this bike is something wondrous.

資料提供 [ BMW Mottorrad International ]