Akrapovic Heads to the ‘Island’ with Suter and Its First Two-Stroke Complete Exhaust System


Akrapovič has completed a technical challenge different from any it has ever undertaken before by designing, developing, and constructing a bespoke full-titanium exhaust system in just six weeks for the Suter MMX500 two-stroke Grand Prix motorcycle, which will be raced this week at the historic Isle of Man TT.

This is the first time Akrapovič has produced a complete exhaust system for a two-stroke motorcycle, and so, although the design principles were the same as for existing systems, the actual development of such an exhaust created numerous challenges that the Slovenian experts rose to with their usual technical expertise, and they applied the latest innovative techniques to create this unique exhaust.


Akrapovič set the task of creating the new system just six weeks ago and has produced a full-titanium system to complete the performance package of the Suter MMX500, which is powered by a 576cc V4 two-stroke engine. This beautifully designed system features four mufflers, with heat-resistant carbon-fibre outer sleeves individually hand-crafted in-house by the Akrapovič composite department. The system uses special titanium alloys to create shapes that Akrapovič has never used before, all designed to optimize the flow of exhaust gasses and give the bike the performance it needs to get the most from its unique engine.

Many of the new parts were constructed using deep drawing – a process in which sheet metal is shaped into a hollow vessel and continuously drawn through a machine under compression to reduce its diameter and increase its length, without losing the material’s original properties. Akrapovič is an expert in this process and used this skill to the full to create the parts, as well as the tools needed to build the completed system, in just six weeks in readiness for the Isle of Man TT.

The Akrapovič-equipped Suter MMX can be seen – and heard – along the island’s 37.73 mile (60.72 km) mountain course as ten-time TT winner Ian Lougher races the machine during the Superbike and Senior TT races and revives memories of two-stroke Grand Prix machines on the Isle of Man.


Alojz “Slavko” Trstenjak, Akrapovič Head of Racing R&D:

“When Suter approached us with this ‘crazy’ idea, we were immediately intrigued by the technical task such a project could present. We had never produced a complete titanium exhaust system for a two-stroke engine, so we wanted to showcase our knowhow by taking on the challenge. The time scale was against us, but we got into the project and had a lot of fun creating the system.

This modern fuel-injected two-stroke machine is totally different from current Grand Prix or World Superbike four-stroke machines, and we think that the result that we have achieved in such a short time is actually quite stunning. For a lot of the team involved, this brought back memories of two-stroke racing machines and that addictively unique sound and smell.

Everyone really enjoyed working on the Suter MMX500, and if you are on the Isle of Man you will have the first chance to listen to how this two-stroke machine sounds as it roars along tree-lined roads, past houses, and over the mountain, while being powered by an Akrapovič bespoke exhaust.

This has been a fantastic experience and one that everybody involved will take a great deal of satisfaction and increased knowledge from – and, with what we have learned from working with a two-stroke engine, who knows what the future will bring?”

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